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sea· wor· thy | \ ˈsē-ˌwər-t͟hē \

: fit or safe for a sea voyage

Nantucket Fine Art Photographers

Mark & Zofia Crosby


It's easy to fall in love with Nantucket, with its natural beauty, calming views and quaint charm.

From its rich history, predating European settlers in 17th century, Nantucket's architecture and seafaring lifestyle have been attracting artists for centuries.

Making the island his home in 2000, Mark found artistic expression in capturing moody images like the textures of aging boats in the harbor and the peeling paint of Brant Point Lighthouse. The authenticity and rawness of what he saw were reminiscent of the seaside back home in Newcastle, England. A year later, Zofia instantly felt at peace watching the waves and sunsets of this magical place. 

After two decades on Nantucket, Mark and Zofia's favorite way to pass the time is still to grab a camera and go exploring.

Seaworthy Nantucket was created as a way for the couple to bring an upscale product to your walls. Something timeless and special. Seaworthy Nantucket images are printed on fine art paper to elevate the look and feel of the scene. 


For Mark and Zofia's Nantucket wedding and portrait photography, visit Zofia & Co. Photography.

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